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a caviclade of colors for your eyeballs

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get word on the store going up, new releases, sales, and more


lol what's this

everybody said "hey dan this is some cool art you got here, you gonna sell it?"

so are you?


is that it?

no, I'm gonna sell some zines, maybe put out games by myself, comics, who knows, it'll all live here

i bought something and it didn't arrive or my postman got mad and ripped it in half or something

man that sucks, hit me up at hello@saturdaymorninggraffix.club and we can sort it out

why the name?

when i think of old tvs, i think of plopping on the couch on a saturday morning growing up and eating cereal. happier times, perhaps

wanna work on something?

yep, shoot me an email at hello@saturdaymorninggraffix.club